30x30: Down By The River

Saturday, February 12, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Plaid shirt: Saugatuck brand (thrifted), $0.56
Pants: thrifted, $0.56
Loafers: Cole Haan brand (thrifted), $2

Peacock earrings: thrifted, $2
Green scarf: Van Heusen, $7
Blue scarf: Eddie Bauer, $10

Today's look feels like a meeting between yardwork attire and respectable street style. Every now and then, I'll realize that I'm wearing something I never would have considered before I started reading style blogs; today is a perfect example. This new little hobby has shown me that there are so many ways to look good and dress well. I find myself equally enamored with blogs featuring preppy, edgy, and vintage aesthetics, not to mention all the fabulous folks who mix it up every day. Thank goodness I'm not just flipping through fashion magazines anymore! It's a nice improvement to see all the variety of bodies and tastes in the blogging world.

In terms of what's flattering, I've definitely worn better outfits than this, but I'm not so sure that every ensemble has to be super-flattering. I wore the clothes that made me feel good today - comfortable, warm, easygoing, and darn cheap to boot (less than $25 for the whole shebang!). And to me, those factors are every bit as great as "flattering."

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  1. Wowzers! Can't believe the thrifty prices on your clothes. You WAY have me beat by far. I just posted a Goodwill wardrobe of last week, well most of the week. Ha! I'll so be back love your style.


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