30x30: Doctor's Orders

Saturday, February 26, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Crocheted sweater: Chelsea Place brand, hand-me-down from mom
Green sweater: Gap brand (thrifted), $4
Jeggings: gift from mom
Boots: Target, gift from mom

Hat: found it
Coat: Gap, $40
Scarf: thrifted, $4
Flower pin: made and gifted by my mom

I'm still a little ill (mostly in the form of coughing and a sore throat), and my treatment regimen requires that I drink plenty of fluids and wear soft things. Enter this green sweater, which feels incredibly luxurious and easy. Such a blessed find.

In other news, I love the print of this scarf, which I found at a thrift store in Portland, Oregon. I used the flower pin to arrange the scarf in a way that would really show off the print, though I actually ended up turning the pin around so that the flower wasn't so front-and-center. Didn't get pictures of that ... use your imagination.


  1. Haha, KA-RA-TE! Good to know I'm not the only one busting out the moves. Now I hope you're not a karate tiger or something, because I sure know that I'm not. Not even close :-D Here are my skills (*facepalm*): http://relatablestyle.blogspot.com/2011/02/it-chambray-baby.html
    Oh, and get (completely) well soon :-)

  2. awesome sweater, gorgeous scarf and great karate moves! haha


  3. i LOVE this outfit! that hat is probably the cutest thing EVER on you!


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