Introducing ... LOVE WEEK!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The day of St. Valentine is drawing to a close. Because of work schedules and personal preference, my husband and I are going to celebrate in a more official sorta way on Thursday, so don't expect a lovey-dovey list of his best qualities. Not today, at least.

Most people I know either love Valentine's Day or hate it. They might fluctuate between these two camps from year to year, depending on relationship status, but it's one or the other. I, on the other hand, feel a little ambivalent about this particular holiday. I love love, in all its forms, and I like the idea of having a day to celebrate love. But should that day be the same day for everyone, February 14th, a decided-upon date that might not have any significance to you or your loverpie? It seems kind of strange. But it's also kind of nice, having this one day when we all (well, most of us) unite to say, "Love is great! And I feel love for this person that I'm sending flowers to!" But then again, why flowers? Why chocolates? Why teddy bears? See, I'm all mixed up about it.

For whatever it's worth, I'm going to ignore societal expectations (stick it to the man!) and celebrate love for a whole week. I'm calling it LOVE WEEK (intentional caps lock, yo), and it starts tomorrow.

Want to play along? Here's a schedule of the week's events:

Tuesday: Favorite Love Song(s) (bonus if you can find an awkward video on YouTube)
Wednesday: Celebrate Your Best Friend(s)
Thursday: Celebrate Your Significant Other(s?)
Friday: First Kiss Story(s)
Saturday: Relationship History Playlist(s)*
Sunday: Celebrity Crush(es)
Monday: Love Quote(s)/Definition(s)

Each day, I'll post a little something, based on whatever's on the schedule. You can join me and make a post of your own, if you like. Do one day or all seven - whatever suits your fancy - and feel free to mix up the days if you wish (meaning you can do a post about your best friend on Saturday, etc.).

Enjoy love in all the ways it enters your life, friends, and have a happy Valentine's night. And to get you in the mood for LOVE WEEK, here's a clip from a movie that's near and dear to us all (except my husband, who's never seen it - whaaaaat?!).

*For this, I recommend using or a similar site of your choosing.

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