30x30: A Day Late

Friday, February 18, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Cardigan: Old Navy, $10
Plaid shirt: Saugatuck brand (thrifted), $0.56
Jeans: Guess brand via Buckle, $92
Boots: Laredo brand (thrifted), $1

Hat: Charlotte Russe, $6
Necklaces: both from Forever 21, $4 and $5
Wooden ring: local farmer's market booth, $1

This is what I wore yesterday. Colorful, no? I felt a little showy when Craig and I went to replace our car battery at the local AutoZone.

We celebrated our belated Valentine's Day yesterday with, yes, automotive repairs, but also with a hike and lunch at a local diner. It was in everyone's best interests that I wear slightly grubbier clothes for the hike, but I tried to keep my choices similar to what I wore during the rest of the day, in honor of the 30x30 challenge.

I switched out my cardigan for a hoodie (Ezekiel brand from Ross, $25), opted for different jeans (Target, $23), and wore some legit hiking boots (Wal-Mart, $28). Those grandma-tastic shades were thrifted for $2, and the little backpack is from Van Heusen. Clothes aside, what a great hike! We were planning to see some hot springs further up the canyon, but the road was closed because of fresh snowfall. We just wandered around and played.

Thanks for all of your nice words about my cat, friends. It's a surprisingly hard thing to deal with, but I'm feeling okay. You're all great!

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